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Choosing a web hosting provider for your site. Beware of web hosting Tricks and Traps.

Posted by on in Web Hosting
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b2ap3_thumbnail_k1741277.jpgHigh Renewal Price.

Don't fall for the high discount bargains which are offered by most hosting providers. Read the fine print and note that the initial discounted price is usually 50-90% lower than the standard price at which you will be FORCED to renew!

 Always look for the second term price. Check their site for renewal prices or if you do not find this answer in the pages, ask the sales team of the provider.

 It is very common these days to see a very good offer that a provider advertises, an unbelievable price. Wait a moment and check it twice. Maybe is only a price for a month and the price after that is too high. Or even worse it is a price for 1 year but the renewal price for the year after is 3-4 times more!

 So ask the web hosting company to assure you that the price you pay will be the same or less when you renew.


Extra Features / Free Services

 Many companies will offer you something for FREE and then overcharge in another area or later (in a few months) for this “free” service. Such as telling you that you will get a free domain/ email account with your hosting, and not letting you know that after a year you will be charged double for said domain name or the email account is free for only 1 month!


You have to check twice if the feature is truly for freefor the lifetime of your web hosting account, and ask questions such as “Is this free forever or will I pay for this after some time, and if yes, how much will it be then?” All the honest companies should answer these questions inside their pages telling the customer exactly the terms of the free service.


Check the main hosting Features you get.

Make sure that you know what you need before you go price shopping; generally you will need at least a 1) Domain Name (website address), a certain amount of 2) HostingSpace (known as DISK SPACE – measured in MBs) and an allowance for 3) an amount of WebsiteTraffic (known as BANDWIDTH – measured in Gbs).

 Beware when comparing prices! For example a web hosting company could start off charging $2/ month for web hosting (giving you 10MBs and 0.2 GBs), which it is sure that is not enough for a site with some pages and e-mail accounts. You could sign up for that package, not knowing that your website needs more and then land up being upgraded to a higher package and paying much more than you bargained for!

 So it is very essential to look at what each company is offering for their price.


Free Hosts – there is no such option for a business site.

As far as web hosting is concerned, you definitely get what you pay for (and sometimes less than you pay for!) People need to make money, so if they are providing you with a free service, they must be getting something out of it

Free web hosting providers generally offer no support to their free web hosting customers, and if they do it is low priority. So they offer: poor standard of support, frequent outages, draconian changes to terms and conditions without notice, poor documentation and a slowdown of services as the service becomes more popular. Even more frightening is that some very unscrupulous free hosts consider any content you publish to be their property!

Free hosts are not known for their reliability and uptime. Often the servers web hosts put free users on may be overcrowded and slow or even frequently down. As the company gains popularity (due to freebies), the service is slowing down and even crashes.

Since it is relatively simple to get a free web hosting company started, many free hosts are fly-by-night operations and care little for the long term well being of users files.

There have been many thousands of free web hosts come into being over the last 4 years and very few survive past the first 12 months. If your site has an e-commerce aspect or is promoting an important sales or community message, can you really afford to host it on free space given the problems that tend to haunt these services?

Free web hosting plans usually don't include advanced features, software, and email services that paid ones do. Also Free hosting has a limit (usually a very small limit) and once you’ve reached a certain amount, your access can be blocked, thereby rendering you with no site!

Some Free host can and will place ads all over your website. These generally have nothing to do with your site and add absolutely nothing to it, besides for making your website look “spammy” and discouraging clients from coming back.

YOUR ACCOUNT CAN BE TERMINATED AT ANY TIME!!! They hold the rights to your account, therefore everything that you’ve uploaded or done on the site will be lost and you will have to start again.This is highly probable, as most free hosting companies don’t survive past the first 12 months!


What you should do.

Ultimately, the best advice that I can give you is to shop around (it only takes a few clicks), but shop around knowledgeably! Know what you need for your particular website (or an average website) and know what the companies are offering and search for traps that may be waiting you after a few months, when you use the services.

Again a trustworthy company should have all the info in the pages and in easy reachable place.

Check our web hosting services.

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